Species 86

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Species 86

#1 Post by etintel » Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:30 pm

Summary - Hive or locust type species that can and eventually must abandon their empire to form a swarm or horde and resettle to new territory.

Homeworld - Homeworld is an asteroid field or a gas giant. They leave their home planet because they must.

Physical description - Humanoid?

Social Structure - Hive mind. It's a matrix organization.

History - Ancestors of the species 86 were benevolent and peace-loving organisms living in a utopia, peace and harmony. One day a schism emerged and civil war/whatever consumed it. After millennia of war a malevolent/benevolent resource extractor species emerged victorious.

Race Attributes - They always consume their homeworlds. Higher in the beginning but gradually declining production, growth and research. Eventually they must form a horde and hop to another systems.

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