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Havent been into writing much, but this is a good purpose... so here we go

Dom'Ar'Katar (domarkatar) - Descendant from a far corner of the galaxy these creatures are a species of their own. very few is known of these beings. some speculate these are an interbreed between a human and klackon, but no one knows for certain, all that is known these guys are [email protected]$$ killing machines, with a fully logical brain.

Homeworld - Huge homeworld of average fertility and mineral abundance. Located in the corner of the universe, these fellows had no diplomacy and had to survive on their own strenght and will power (given to them by slow evolution)

reason for leave - exploration - domination, the nature of these beasts is to conquer or be conquered.

physical descriptions - (shape based on the BAdest bad guy in Heavey Metal 2000... if anyone seen it) - tall, about 2.5 meters in height, no less than 1 meter in width. very ancient racepredate humans by a little less than 1 million years (slow evolution remember?) having to evolve on a very large world (biggest available - terrain should be something around terran - barren) these guys had to learn some defence and offence. their hands have 3 fingers, like those freaky aliens, but also have a retractable bone metal spike in their elbow. skin is made of a thick hide, much resembelant of a metallic-rock alloy, but it is penetrable. have a long skull, like The Original Alien, cranial capacity unknown, intelligence level is not far or even the same as a human (average + disciplined). body is humanoid.

Social Structure - Closely related to the Marxist Socialism belief, having to bond together on a planet wide union, under a select few of individuals who help the greater good for the greater numbers.

history - something unknown happened to this race, very paranormal event, more than 50% of the population vanished at an early point in development. a plague or war or even another species were thought to be involved, but no such evidence was found. after this event a population of older generation of dom'ar'katar were left leaving an evolutionary gap in their lifespan. (lifespan 1300-1350 earth years). the population seemed to recover after time, but the elder citizens were forced to rapidly increse their technology, which may in fact be the reason for their moderate inteligence.

pros & cons

- pro - race has a very high ground combat ability, exceeding the enemy with their superior technique and morale, willing to give their life just to take one from the enemy.

- pro - highly disciplined - bonding together has helped these guys to work together, harder and longer - manufacturing +50%.

- pro - INTIMIDATION!!!! (dont know how it works - but how would you feel if one of these guys flies at you?)

- con - NO diplomacy, and a -50% in diplomacy skill (ugly blood thirsty bastards)
-con - farming reduced 20%
- ships -20% atack
- ships +20% defence

- spies - assasination and sabotage +10%
- spies - steal tech -10%

- inter-empire trade -20% (if there will be any)
- intra-empire trade revenue +10% (the hordes and masses give up some profit for the greater good)

- warlike - admire a good fight.

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