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Originally posted by Krikkitone
Sun Sept. 21, 2003


Introduction - George is a single Telelpathic entity that consists of multiple mobile telepathic transmitter/receiver/sensor/manipulators

Homeworld - George's world (that's the name) is a large cold world with oceans of liquid CO2, and an atmosphere of N2.

A reason for leaving the home planet - maybe curiosity, maybe its a fad he's going through, possibly to deal with the traumatic experience of losing the Orions and a whole bunch of knowledge along with it.

Physical description - To deal with George you deal with one of the 'units' that make up George, something that looks like a 2.5 m long, 0.5 m tall centipede except with a far smoother skin, and a cluster of about 6 tentacle/antenae at the front for manipulation (they are also used as for communicating in sign language as the units have no normal means of communication other than with each other telepathically. (VERY IMPORTANT NOTE, George's telepathy only works for and on George's units, but it works over interstellar distances... instantly)

Social Structure - There isn't any, as far as anyone can tell. George is a single individual where the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. To races ruled by George, it is like having a whimsical dictator.

History - George has been around a Long time. Important things in his life that he still remembers were the discovery of trains so he could move stuff around easier, and meeting other people (Orions). George never really recovered from the shock of this and it was made even worse by their sudden disappearance, which also coincided with a massive disruption to George, causing some significant memory loss (aside from the usual drop off with time).

Race Attributes -
0 Rebels for any of George's units under George (not a George, but their original George), Unrest for George's units under George creates decreased work output over All of George. (Unrest is averaged over all George's units under George, and the Unrest he feels leads to him resting to make it up to himself).

Slight Bonus to
(George is very good at organization, and is super intelligent)

Research, Combat
(both require enough original thinking or dealing with others that George's efficiency and massive intelligence just balance out his weaknesses)

Penalties to
(George still hasn't developed many social skills)
Warning: Antarans in dimensional portal are closer than they appear.

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