Vimalomors (insideous green death)

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Vimalomors (insideous green death)

#1 Post by xlightwavex » Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:22 am

Incoming from FHQHC 2217.03b5...
To Fleet, message follows...
Notification Orders: Engage and Destroy on site.
Target: Vimalomors swarm.
On any contact standing orders will be to engage and destroy.
Cannot be allowed to enter a system and seed to planet.


*Excellent at ground combat as they can seed from orbit they can root and move underground.
*Excellent stealth detection.
*Average stealth themselves.
*Damage ability scales with ship growth.
*Slow starlane speed
*They get no access to any tech at all.
*The only planetary building they build is essentially a star-yard.
*Population generates 1 industrial point on a planet per population.
*A one hp ship version or space Vimalomors can be produced with 60 industial points.
*Voracious space born ships are also able to reproduce in space.
*Space/Ship version, gains 2 hull each turn in growth, hull grows up to 250 hull.
*Able to reproduce a new smaller 1 hp hull ship version using 12 fuel, after achieving 30 hull growth.
*Requires no fuel to move and gains one per turn allowing space reproduction every 12 turns after maturing
*All Vimalomors essentially are troop ships and equipped with a colony pod.
*Vimalomors can grow in nearly any environment except gas giants (radiated is there favorite).

Additional Information as follows...

Aggressive space born Plant like species of massive proportions.
It primarily lives in space feeding off the energy of light and radiation.

Its believed they originated on fourth or fifth planet in the Tenebris binary star system which are locked in orbit to each other.
Though some think they may have originated in the immensely cluttered space itself around the two.
The creatures eject seeds into space and re-seed to planet continuously.
The Vimalomors inhabits in vast numbers all of the aged star systems 10 planets and 5 asteroid belts.
With the exception of the 3 large neptunian planets.
No other living life-form is known to exist there.

Vimalomors... At full maturity in space can grow extremely large.
Some having reportedly reached over 600 meters in length and a estimated 200,000 + ton's.
In space they have a elongated hard shelled hexagonal seed shape, jawed at the tip.
They are capable of producing a pulse ray bust from this that can damage even large ships.
There space form resembles generally a huge version of a seedling form.
Having evolved adaptations, they're appearance changes depending on planet side or space side.
They will over time grow via soil space dust and possibly energy to matter conversion as well.
Very large ones will migrate close to a star, to seemingly collect energy rapidly.

When reproducing they will eject seeds, they can do this in space or on planet...
Mature ones on planet can fire them into space from planet, or while in space can seed to space.
As well from space, large mature Vimalomors can survive a re-entry to planet via flowering.
If this happens on a inhabited planet it is disaster for the inhabitants.

On planet fall they will immediately burrow and shed there shell and mutate to root.
After which they may grow and travel via root tubing they seem to work together.
They are more deadly planet side as the smaller ones may trap and hunt as they grow.
Larger ones may give battle immediately as well smaller ones battle after emerging at a large size.
They also may have many different appearances on planet, sheding there seed like space form.

It is unknown what kind of intelligence they posses and if or how they communicate...
Much is unknown, including if they are just mindless monsters or a actual race.
However what is known for sure is that they are deadly on planet and extremely aggressive.
They may even kill and partially eat each other but will defiantly consume all other life.

Amazingly they can naturally achieve star travel via natural evolution.
Though slow they may travel in groups which increases the threat.
It is unclear at what point they evolved the ability to star travel, possibly only recently.
They are extremely aggressive towards any life on a planet they seed, as well due to there size.
This makes them very dangerous to any planet or star system they encounter in mass.



and the best one last, Vimalomor autopsy lol :)


The story i made up you can use it
The pictures i obviously didn't, though one is from the hubble site the other is from wiki.

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