Python in EVE

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Mikko Ohtamaa
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Python in EVE

#1 Post by Mikko Ohtamaa »

MMORPG EVE uses Python in its very core. Specifically variant called Stackless Python (

MMORPG Space game
Client / server
Single shard massive server
130.000 active players, >24.000 concurrent users
World concurrency record on a shard
425,537 lines of Python code and growing.
client: 158,656
server: 218,645
common: 48,236
Possible only because of Stackless Python

Those should silent anyone thinking Python might be too slow... 8)

You can read PyCon2006 presetation slides at: ... on2006Pres

This is a sign, with Civ4, that Python is gaining good foothold as a scripting language for game engines. Note: Because FreeOrion is not so scalability sensitive, FreeOrion can go with ordinal Python and not with stackless one.

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#2 Post by Yoghurt »

Python is already on its way: viewtopic.php?t=1320

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