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Work In Progress

#1 Post by OceanMachine » Wed Aug 06, 2003 4:27 am

At Tony's suggestion this thread has been created for people to post their workload and progress on. Anything updates posted will be moved to this top post by Zach and I, and the actual posts deleted.

OceanMachine - (08/13/03)
Current Work: fixing my damned linux GL/nvidia libs so I can compile the project again...

Future Work: multiple galaxy shapes (20% complete),
universe turn processing, loading game params from config files, loading star names/empire names/empire colors from config files

jbarcz1 - (08/12/03)
Implementing fleet management dialog. 20% finished. Will post a screenshot once a working prototype is completed.

tsev - (08/11/03)
Out of Office: Aug 14-18
I'm working on the galaxy map, 10% complete.

Future projects
- universe generation via image file (75% complete, must be ported to GG)

Tyreth - (08/06/03)
I've now finished removing EMPIRE_SETUP, and will next be sending the turn update to the client.
Also working on the About button as a chance to try out the multiline edit, and after that onto some more important things like the single player and multiplayer options.

tzlaine - (09/28/03)
Continuing work on the main map's sidebar, based on design #5 in the graphics forum.

Yoghurt - (08/06/03)
Current priority: implementing the ChatWindow class

Also working on (low-priority): First draft on Python integration,

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from FreeOrion import TechManager
tm = TechManager.instance()
for tech in tm:
    print tm.GetName(),tm.GetWhatever()
nearly works.
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