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Daveybaby wrote:I think whats being proposed is a global build queue, with parallel production across separate planets, but keeping a serial build queue for each planet.
What about shipyards? It'd be rather irritating to only be able to build one 4 PP / turn ship at the same shipyard you can also use to build a 20004 PP / turn ship.
I don't like any distance based penalties... too complicated to understand when abstracted.
Heh, i'm starting to agree with you, and i proposed it. I'd like to imagine that people just would worry about things to that level of detail, but somehow i doubt it.
What's the point of having a system if the player won't worry about it? It might make things more realistic or strategic in principle, but if the player doesn't care, then their choices aren't based on it, so whether or not they do well depends on luck.
Buildings should be built with the same PP as ships. (Also some food, minearls, reserach money and microresources as well... but mostly production... even for superfarms and wonderlabs that will affect other resource meters when complete)
Eeep... i'd hope production and minerals only. Keep food for feeding people and research for finding out how to build stuff. You've already spent them once, so why need to spend them again when you build something?
Well... I did say mostly production... And some people were saying that a farming building should be built only with food, research with reserach, etc. I rather disliked going that far... but using variable amounts of each isn't so bad.

I kinda like the idea of spending research to make a science ship, or food to make a biological hull or somesuch. Maybe some projects don't require any minearals, but lots of PP (and research, food, money). Pure reserach takes only reserach points, but applications/refinements takes PP and minerals as well. Advanced tech ship components require lots of sciency physics engineers and such, so needs some research points spend while building.

You wouldn't spend food/science "again" on build projects... you'd spend them on one or the other.