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The Smack!

Race: The Smacks are a species of Sand Fleas
Overriding Trait: Very friendly when hungry
Primary Trait: Obnoxious, and Boisterous
Secondary Trait: Blood suckers… and they don't even have lawyers!
Tertiary Trait: Small and vicious… especially the saber toothed race
Home world: Sol III like with lots of sandy beaches.
Government: Anarchy with a common goal… more food!
Common ability: Able to suck the blood from most galactic races and digest it.

In the beginning these guys inhabited the coastal regions of their planet in the temperate zones.

They started out with about twenty brain cells. Then one fine day Zemo Smacked Wherrif up-along-side-the-head for some perceived offence. Wherrif's eyes watered and his skull split and allowed his brain to double in size. Wherrif liked the feeling of additional intellect and decided to pay Zemo the same favor… and hopped over to him and SMACK! Splitting Zemos skull and plastering his brains all over the beach… Oops! Wherrif tried again with one of his sisters, Jruk… Smack! And sure enough her skull split and allowed her brain to double in size. Well for a while there was a whole lot of Smacking going on…

What they learned was that what doesn't kill you makes you smart.

So they tried again and sure enough the larger skull split and more brains!

They kept this up until they realized that they had a serious problem catching up with their roaming food supplies. As a matter of fact they had a serious problem just getting their heads out of the sand. So They decided to start ranching while studying the problem of too much skull and not enough leg.

Then one of them realized that if the lost a leg it would grow back with all of its strength… so Gfugat and Feetw remove one of his legs… sure enough it was MUCH larger than what had been there… Man! That started a real leg fest… there were little legs everywhere!

It took them all of about one day with all six new bigger and better legs to realize that their digestive systems were not able to supply the necessary blood byproducts to their new brains and legs to use them efficiently…

Well if it worked with the brain and the legs… Crunt had Sptyyu remove his body… and promptly died… Oops! Well someone had to try it!

After a day of two of starvation FriqRtr got an idea … he'd have Btry split his back and see what happened… sure enough Whop! Smack! And his back was split… and his body started expanding!

Well there's always limits and after about 25 brain and body splits they finally reach it.

The problem was that they now needed a LOT more blood! So they expanded into every niche on their home planet and then started looking to the stars…

Welcome to the worlds of the Smack!

These guys aren't xenophobes! In fact they'd love to have you over for dinner!


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