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Samples of sound/music, ideas or suggestions related to the development of audio assets for FreeOrion.
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LithiumMongoose wrote:
StratCaster wrote:I mean a real *sound*, opposed to blips and bleeps of a synthetic machine.
Blips and bleeps are awesome. A good chunk of my favorite music ever is from old NES and SNES games (and at least one modern one, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). I love the way that stuff sounds.
hey I never said that stuff wasn't awesome. Again I think you misunderstand me and I'm too tired to explain...

Speaking of old games, I'm a huge fan of the Commodore 64...especially the music...

btw, Ron Hubbard's theme music for "Masters of Magic" is one of the coolest pieces ever....and all the remixes I've heard pale in comparision to the old synth sound of the c64 player (sidplayer).
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Hrm, no activity in this thread for ages. Oh well, time to resurrect it. :) <ahem> NEW FILE!!! Yay woohoo, El Mongoose walks the earth again.

--- Building The Dream v2r ---

This is my old Ship Design track. Reduced tempo, added reverb (hence the 'r' designation I'm going to start using from now on), cut out a bad section, tweaked some stuff, and added to the end of it a bit.

I'm still targeting this for a Ship Design type screen, but it also works pretty dang well with the Tech Tree screen in FO 0.3 (hence the semi-ambiguous title).

Some people will probably not love the "fake ending" as Jeffrey put it, but tough, it adds flavor imo. Also changes keys a lot, but that's symptomatic of a lot of my stuff; I think we're just going to have to deal with it. Loops pretty well. Overall I'm very happy with this atm... let me know what you all think. :)

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El Mongoose Productions™ proudly presents...

--- Collision v3r ---

For our opening bout of the night, I'm reposting a classic more-or-less as-was, b/c I think it deserves it (and it's been gone a while so it'll seem new. :p)

Changed to a Roland synth on one of the string lines, added reverb, thas-abou-it. Enjoy.

--- Encounter v4r ---

For your mid-card experience I'm updating a crowd-favorite once again.

Changed the synth on the non-stacato string line as above, changed octaves IN the stacato string line in a few places to improve overall coolness, added reverb.

--- Story Battle v3r ---

And now, for the main event of the evening! Introducing first, the track standing to my left. This piece is an Ogg Vorbis fighter, hailing from Mongoose Central Command and weighing in at six minutes fourteeeeeen seconds!

*ahem* In all seriousness, this is big. :) I've had it on my to-do list for a long time now, and the muse finally struck, so here goes.

Changed to Roland synths on the string and choir lines, added a really cool piano line, wrote extensions to the early sections, improved the structure of the A-section repeat, nixed some crap at the end, wrote a new end section I'm very proud of, added reverb.

What I did NOT do: restructure or nix the relatively slow mid sections people had complained about in the past. However, at the moment I feel that with all the other changes everything holds together quite nicely and that 100% of it works as a combat track. I'll reiterate my original design point here: the section that now starts at 3:40 is meant to give the feel of one of those "guns flaring, debris flying, soldiers shouting, all in super-slow-motion" war scenes. That doesn't mean combat has to slow down when this track is playing, it's just a neat effect. Besides, now it leads back into a fast-paced ending so I think it's fine.

--- Pirate Waters v1 ---

I actually ninja-posted this a month or two ago in case anyone was randomly checking my site for the heck of it, but now it's officially the closing undercard fight of this Mega Update Event.

This is based on a really old (pre-FO) track of mine, with the intro being more or less the same. It's short and doesn't have reverb b/c I was lazy, but it's there if we ever want to have fights vs pirates. I'm keeping the original name, so you'll have to treat "Water" here as a symbolic or historical reference in the context of space. :)


I've also taken the liberty of dividing my FO files into categories on my site now, since the list was getting rather long. As part of the update a few older ones were removed and one added back in unchanged as well. Only one mp3 now remains in the list, and I'll be updating that before too long hopefully. All of the stuff from this post is in the Combat folder.

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I feel like Collision could use a very low throbbing base sound some of the time... not with much going on in the line, but something to add weight and ominousnessity.

My ear wants to hear a dull metallic clanking noise at the end of the timpani rolls in Encounter... I dunno... maybe... And maybe some eerie pitch bends in the sustained "Ahhh"'s when not much else is going on. Or not... just throwing it out there.

Some of (what I think is) lower piano might work as distortion guitar in Story Battle.

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"Luuuuuucy, I'm home!!!"
"... I am not Lucy."
"... I know that. Just open the door, will ya?"
"I will summon the doctor."
"Oh fer cryin out loud, look I'm back to my old self again."
"I cannot be certain you are back to being yourself. You referred to me as... Lucy."

(In case you're wondering why I quoted that... I have my reasons.)

Okay, so, first of all, I have an actual website now rather than just a file list. More of a resurrection of the one I used in college really, but anyway. Only the home and music pages are done at the moment but I'm getting there. :p

As for the music page which I'm sure is what you'll be most interested in... Everything's been re-encoded to ogg to undo any damage iTunes may have done to the tags originally, and further edited in WinVorbis to conform fully with Creative Commons licenses. Beyond THAT...

Inflection Point added (tentatively, pending feedback)
Legend updated (woohoo!)
Warhorn updated

And that's just in the SciFi section, with more coming too...

Further, the new Fantasy section makes its debut (although two things in here were posted briefly a looooong-arse time ago, but the rest you've definitely never heard)... And I even posted a zip archive of all my surviving oldest stuff, which you can check out too if you're a hardcore fan. ;)

Note finally the clear license information, and differentiation by section.

(Not to mention LlamaWare has received some behind-the-scenes attention as well...) Hopefully I'll be a bit more active now music-wise, but with Vanguard coming up that may be tricky. :p Anyway, merry Xmas.

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