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Psychokinetic telepathic serpentine race.

Psisnakes resembles a large Earth snake, with a body three to four meters long and twenty centimeter diameter when fully grown for males, somewhat shorter and thicker for females. The body is thickly muscled, with small smooth scales in a mottled pattern in "camouflage" colours of greens, greys and browns, with a slightly shiney appearance. The head of a psisnake is similar but larger than that of a typical earth snake. It is wide, up to 40 centimeters across, though not any thicker than the body (20 centimeters at most). The width of the head contains the psisnake's highly developed brain and psychokinetic and telepathic lobes (one each one each side).

The psisnake evolved from a predatory hunting species, and has large venomous fangs and heat sensitive pits in its face for tracking prey, much like earth snakes. They also have sensitive olfactory organs in the roof of their mouth, sample air with their forked tongue. The powerful psychokinetic and telepathic lobes of the psinake evolved from an ancestor's duplicated venom glands, which appeared due to a mutation.

The hunting ancestry of the psisnakes remains a significant part of their society. Hunting is a major recreational activity for all psisnakes, and the position of a particular psisnake in their highly tiered society is represented by the territory of a particular snake, in which it is able to spend time hunting. Psisnakes evolved in a tropical jungle environement, and the most valued terrortories are located in densely forrested tropical regions of planets they inhabit.

The hunting instinct of the psisnakes also extends to the relations of psisnakes with other races. Any race the psisnakes encouter which they judge to be weaker than they are is treated as prey and hunted in space, bringing a measure of satisfaction for the lower ranked members of psisnake society who are relegated to serving on spacecraft.

The complete lack of dextrous manipulation appendages of a normal snake would have been a major hindrance to the psisnake species ability to develop a technological society, however their development of psychokinetic abilities allowed them to achieve as much as any race with an opposable thumb.

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Grey Goo

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Grey Goo, a.k.a. Replicators

Can't really think of a good name for these guys, they're based on the usual grey goo/SG-1 Replicators idea.

History: In the past, the Orions used nanobots to increase their production capacity. These tiny robots could interact with materials at the molecular level, and so were perfect for making and maintaining light, strong materials. The Antarans saw this practice as a weakness, and proceded to exploit it. They sent out a signal which caused the nanobots to reproduce themselves endlessly, destroying several Orion outposts in the process. The Orions were quick to send a shut-down signal to all nanobots remaining under their control, and switced to different construction methods. The nanobots on the destroyed outposts continued to reproduce, and over the millenia gained a modicum of intelligence in order to continue reproducing.

Physical description: Nanobots form themselves into large quicksilver-like drops for the purpose of interspecies communication. Their architechture also consists of billions of nanobots in different formations.

Social Structure: Nanobots can be seen as one giant entity, but cannot maintain the constant contact this requires over interstellar distances. Therefore, each planet inhabited by nanobots can be seen as a self-governing "indivual". Nanobots prefer governments that are neither too centralized nor too decentralized.

Advantages/Disadvantages: Cybernetic. (50% mineral food 50% organic, repair ships in battle). Any planet with five or more regions inhabited by nanobots has its mineral rating reduced by one. (Homeworld is actually "ultra rich", but this is reduced to "rich" by this phenomenon). Nanobots receive a +1 bonus to ground combat and have the space taken up by all tech reduced by 5%. biological weapons do not effect nanobots directly (but reduce the bio rating of planet). Nanbots are vulnerable to radiation, and so have population growth reduced by a further 25% on radiated planets.
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The Tara'Nalok

A warm blooded humanoid race with an reptilian appearance; mammals.

Tacaranja IV, tropical/tempered world, freshwater-oceans, very low population

After establishing a society on Tacaranja they are ready to found an interstellar empire for themselves and their prodigy to live in.

Physical descreption:
The Tara'Nalok are humanoids with a bluish, crocodile like skin. Their face is surrounded by small conical bone rods; on the backside of their skull they have black hair. They are between 6'02'' and 7' in heigth and due to their role as warriors athletic and forceful.

Social structure:
Constitutional monarchy.

They were bred as the ultimate warriors by an ancient race far out in space. They were a people to which honor meant everything but the honor and the will of their creators was more important than this and even life.
One day, one of their best starship captains rebelled. During his years as an officer he served on many ships and met a lot of his people who were also eager to break the yoke of their slavers. He gathered them together, stole a huge warship and they started their escape across known space. After they got rid of the pursuit of their slavers and had traveled for almost a century, they found an uninhabited planet. This should be their new homeworld.

The Tara'Nalok are weak diplomats, because diplomacy was never implemented into their genetic structure but they are trying hard to improve it.
The Tara'Nalok are superior ground fighters and they are very good starship commanders.
All other abilities are within standard parameters.

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Just an idea obviously the game is going to have predefined races and possibly campaigns/stories to do with those races but since the current version of the game includes a map/universe generator why not allow users to create custom races using a set number of atribute points to keep balance. Keen users could then name there own race, planet type and skills and in addition create there own race webpages with history etc etc. Just an idea.

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yablos wrote:Just an idea obviously the game is going to have predefined races and possibly campaigns/stories to do with those races but since the current version of the game includes a map/universe generator why not allow users to create custom races using a set number of atribute points to keep balance. Keen users could then name there own race, planet type and skills and in addition create there own race webpages with history etc etc. Just an idea.
This was why I keep playing Stars and MoO. Making new and different races is fun. Picking from a list is okay and fun for a little while, but games like that get old fast.
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#21 Post by yablos »

well if you want to continue the fully customisable theme allow the game to have race/campaign plugins or downloads even make these races have independant technologies but again keep the simple option as well. This is something to explore down the track though

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yablos wrote:well if you want to continue the fully customisable theme allow the game to have race/campaign plugins or downloads even make these races have independant technologies but again keep the simple option as well. This is something to explore down the track though
Stars and MoO handled this quite well. There were several pre-made races that didn't totally suck, and a detailed race creation system. MoO only had one screen for race creation, Stars had 6!! pages of race creation options. :)

So far there is one main race option planned, Planet type. IE what type of world you find most comfortable. Toxic, barren, icy, Jungle maybe? Main impact here is going to be what kinds of work get done the most on your worlds.
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Re: Post your races here.

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Name: Kibosch
Planetary preference: Terran (their homeworld is a Huge Terran type planet)
Description: Humanoid; mammalian; average height around 2 meters for males, 1.9 meters for females; body is densely constructed due to the 2G gravity of their native world; reproduction is sexual, with lifetime mating (no concept of divorce); one litter of 3-6 offspring is born roughly every 4 years, with a fertility period of 25 years; mortality rate is higher than other races, due to sensitivity among infants to environmental factors; their bodies are hairless except for their heads, with no facial hair in either sex; coloration varies from brown to blue in hair, black to yellow in eyes, with skin pigmentation ranging from dusky white to charcoal along the gray scale. Kibosch possess vestigial horns on either side of their foreheads and retractable claws. Overall, the average male masses around 200 kilograms, with heavy skeletal and muscular development (approaching acromegaly); kibosch females are slighter, massing just over 110 kiligrams on average despite the small differences in height between the sexes. Kibosch are omnivorous. They reach maturity at arond 25 Terran years of age, and live to be 125 Terran years on average.
Culture: The Kibosch are oddly unemotional in everyday situations, but can display powerful, even violent, emotion in extraordinary circumstances. Frustration is a particular achilles heel for them, sometimes even causing them to ruin otherwise promising efforts to improve themselves. Kibosch have a patriarchal society, with all lines of descent traced back at least 100 generations. The rite of passage for all male Kibosch is to recite their lineage from memory without error; any mistakes are punished with physical violence and lifelong denial of adult status. Female Kibosch must recite the sacred stories of their religion in a similar manner to show that they can pass on the values of their faith to their offspring, with similar penalties. Kibosch males leave home upon the death of their father; kibosch females reside with their family until mating, then reside with their husband. Most spacing is done by family groups.
Kibosch regard honor to be paramount, with group honor having more weight than family honor. Their reserve is a natural byproduct of restraining their violent emotional swings so as to avoid giving offense to another Kibosch accidentally.
Relations: Kibosch are regarded by even friendly races as pigheaded and backward. Unfriendly races that deal with Kibosch regard them as a perfect example of how to screw a task up, making the phrase "Put the Kibosch on that" an insult; they regard giving an important task to the Kibosch the best way to see that task fail. Kibosch have a racial hatred for sentient insects, and will kill them on sight.
Government: The Kibosch are a tribal monarchy. Their ruler is the first line male descendant of the first ruler. Since Kibosch do not consider a child to be "alive" until they reach maturity and make their right of passage, this has allowed them to protect the heir to the throne sucessfully for thousands of years. Not one heir has died before succeeding to the throne, thanks in no small part to the fact that no Kibosch would stoop to assasination or treason.
History: Originally, the Kibosch were servants of the Orions, although their roles have been lost to antiquity. They were obedient and quiet so long as the Orions held sway over them, and there was no war amongst them. The Kibosch had no property at this time in their history; everything belonged to the Orions.
When the Orions disappeared, the chaos that ensued forever changed the Kibosch. They organized themselves into tribes, each with its own hereditary leader, and began feuding over grazing rights, water rights, mineral rights, mating rights, and every other right they could think of. Bloodfeuds soon flollowed, with each tribe trying to wipe out all of the others. The Kibosch women at this time had no rights unto themselves, and secretly longed for the day they would finally see peace. Though they never complained, each Kibosch woman longed for a mate that they thought would bring about an end to the feuding.
The modern Kibosch all trace their roots to the sons of a single individual, Haark the Eldest. Haark was an outcast among contemporary Kibosch because he had a strong sense of honor and because he sought to govern his emotions. He realized that his family as well as he would be in danger simply because they didn't engage in the endless bloodfeuds of that time, so he moved them away from civilization, into the untamed wilderness known as the Proving Grounds.
Half a century later, Haark returned to find that his native village had been destroyed in yet another bloodfeud. His family settled the ruins, rebuilding them into a safe place to live. some of his sons vowed to return to the Proving Grounds after his death, and others wished to wander around, to see if other places could be found like that village. Haark wisely blessed them all, charging them to each seek his own place to create a safehaven in and to always respect the leadership of his eldest son. Each of his seven sons went his own way after the death of Haark save the eldest, who maintained the village they had settled.
As generations went by, the Kibosch who did not govern their emotions slowly destroyed each other, and Haark's descendents spread over the planet. In less than a thousand years, only the children of Haark survived, along with those females who chose to marry into Haark's line.
Today, it takes a very long time for a Kibosch to lose their temper. Outbursts are rare, and the offenders usually face stiff corporal, financial, and restriction-based penalties. Oddly enough, their sense of honor is overdeveloped to the point where the offenders nearly always submit themselves to punishment, and thank their punishers for helping them to control themselves. Murder, rape, robbery, arson, and many other crimes against person or property are unheard of among the Kibosch. Although they aren't pacifists by any stretch, they believe that the honor of all Kibosch is diminished when one of them acts against another.
When the Kibosch encounter non-Kibosch, they accord them the same respect they would their own people until the other race displays a total lack of self-control and honor by Kibosch standards. At that point the Kibosch will take whatever measures are necessary to protect themselves. Given their native strength, hardiness, and resolute natures, the Kibosch are an implacable enemy once aroused. Only the submission of their enemy sparks mercy in a Kibosch, for they take such a prisoner as a servant so that they can do as the "Lost Gods" did for them: care for a "lesser" creature and instruct it in the divine teachings of Haark the Eldest until it gains the same sense of honor and self-control that the Kibosch revere.
An aroused Kibosch female can literally tear the arms of a human weightlifter out of their sockets and beat the hapless victim to death with them, and a Kibosch male on average outmasses a female by nearly double. Kibosch make excellent soldiers, but rarely form standing armies. Instead, each Kibosch male is bound by his own honor to defend his family and his homeworld; he is trained from childhood in martial techniques and will sacrifice himself to protect them. Likewise, the Kibosch women are just as passionate about protecting their families, sometimes taking the places of their fallen husbands in battle. Kibosch children are honor bound to flee a fight and survive to form a new community, with the elder children protecting the younger.

The home planet of the Kibosch is unique in that insects, crustaceans, and arachnids are extinct. Curiously, the Kibosch once faced an invasion by offworld insectoids. They eventually exterminated the invaders, but have bound themselves in a religious hatred of insects ever since. This remains the only unreasoning bias that Kibosch feel, but is so deeply ingrained in them that even their children will abandon their duty to survive in favor of killing any insects larger than a Terran flea. The ecological void is filled by tiny fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and even mammals. Any invertebrate creatures in their ecology are either non-chitinous or microscopic.

Kibosch can survive hardship easier, giving them a bonus to maximum population for colonies.

Kibosch are remarkably clever and hardworking, allowing them to construct buildings, ships, and orbitals 10% faster than normal.

Kibosch are very honorable, giving them a bonus to relations with friendly races. Any trade by a Kibosch receives a bonus due to their complete lack of dishonesty. This extends to any race but an insectoid race. Kibosch also gain a bonus to diplomacy with any non-insectoid race due to their honor and self-control.

Kibosch infants suffer a high mortality rate, slowing down the rate of growth of their colonies.

Kibosch are occasionally taken by fits of passion, and have incredible memories. Any violation of an agreement with another race will result in near-permanent enmity.

Kibosch are pigheaded and hidebound, slowing down their research rates.

Kibosch hate insects pathologically. Kibosch reactions to insect species are immediate and violent. Someday they may progress beyond this pathological hatred, but until then no Kibosch will ever treat any insectoid species as anything but a target. Kibosch will turn down advantages, even great advantages, if they feel an insect has anything to do with that advantage. For example, Kibosch will not eat anything that contains honey, even though the average Kibosch has an enormous sweet tooth.

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Re: Post your races here.

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Intro-Energy Based body snatchers


Physical Description- Acirema have no physical form, in their 'natural' state they are invisible collections of energy with no interaction with the physical world except through a very unique form of telepathy. Acirema are capable of binding to a sentient physical organism with a mind and essentially making it into one of them, while it maintains its physical nature (mostly). Organisms they bind to have themselves changed so that their appearance is the same but the interaction with the Aciremic Energy field effectively changes their chemistry into that of a Terran organism. (and because they are mentally totally dominated by the Acirema, they aquire Aciremic 'picks'). The ability to take over an organism requires other Acirema present to 'guide' existing Acirem into it. Any time they capture a population of Sentient organisms, once the right conditions are set up it is fairly easy for the Entire population to get 'possesed/trasmutated' into Acirema. When interacting with an Acirem, their Homeworld sentient pop is radially symmetric organisms looking vaguely like a sea urchin, but with much more advanced tubefeet in place of spines (they are aquatic, but are native to Terran world seas, not Ocean/Swamp world seas).

Reason for leaving- explore this physical reality

Society-Aciremic society consists of two segments, the embodied and the nonembodied. The non embodied population has almost no impact on the physical universe except as a source of Acirema to 'convert' existing species. However, they are believed to outnumber embodied Acirema by at least 100 to 1 if not 10,000 to 1. This means that the 'visible' part of Aciremic society is more like an elite subclass of society, as such loyalty tends to be high, and 'chain of command' tends to be strong. There is a fairly strong Meritocracy, however nepotism, and 'political appointees' tend to be high to such exalted positions.

When an Embodied Acirema dies, it is unclear if it survives the transition. Acirema don't seem to treat death lightly, but that may be just because it is a forcible retirement from an exalted position.

History-Aciremic history only really begins fairly recently. Explanations of their non physical existence are varied and confusingly non linear. However, shortly after the Orions left, some written history occurs of thier physical forms. The point of Transition is major, because it is the only known time an Acirema entered into a physical organism without other Acirema being present, and it happened in large numbers, between 100 million-10 billion individuals into a plantetary population of prewarp, industrialized sentient life forms.

After the point of Transition, development was rapid. Most of the hosts died, as the Acirema did not know how to feed. However, the remainder communicated with the rest of the fully developed Aciremic society, and plans to get them to survive were worked out, and soon the ability to pull new Acirema into the world had been developed

Development of technology was similarly rapid, as the Acirema basically inherited an infrastructure, physical and informational. There was rarely a problem of 'selectees' going native since the Acirema had a distinct contempt for the physical organisms ("mass is wasted on matter"). However this problem has never been totally eliminated.

The mystery of the Acirema is played up by their recent appearance, and their apparently preexisting society as well as their denial of any knowledge of the Orions
Conspiracy theories include
They 'attacked' Orions who were blocking their Transition (Defending native species)
They are the Transcended Orions and are denying it
They are the Transcended Orions, but have forgotton it
They were produced as a side effect/test of the Orions into Transcendance
They have existed for a long time but the Orion Transcendance allowed thier Transition


Conversion... once a planet has been taken in which the population is nonAcirem, once sufficient troops are there, the Entire population is converted to Acirem [if this results in the population being more than the max population because of a new Environmental preference, then the excess population dies off]

Research bonus (the fact that they have all those philosophers back home helps a bit)

Growth penalty (Sentients don't breed as fast if they are taken over by Acirema)

Massive Diplomatic Penalty

Loyalty Bonus
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Re: Post your races here.

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Cool. They're like the creatures on Star Trek Enterprise in this episode: ... episode%29

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Re: Post your races here.

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Sat'Neteru (Satt Net-Er-U)

Race optic:
totally hairless humanoids, no nose just 2 holes.

The Sat'Neteru heard the call! They simply received the call of the gods they believe in, to expand, to bring "culture" to every habitable planet
and to strike down the heathens that offend the gods an the one true belief.
The very spiritual Sat'Neteru stand totally in the shadows of omens, foretold actions and mystic things like that.
In fact of this, they also have a lesser birth-rate because not every time is a good time to become a child!
Even the technology is gods-given...
But strengthen by the will of the gods, the Sat'Neteru fight without mercy, in space an on ground.
But their gods seem to exist, infact they are a lucky species and mostly some randomly events are of the good sort.
As it is the will of the gods, the Sat'Neteru build big temples to get the gods respect and mercy, every Sat'Neteru is a good
worker, even on the fields, they get food growing nearly on every place, even if they have to sweat blood for it.
Infact EVERY Sat'Neteru is ready to give even his life for the gods, they are also ready to give their last shirt -->Increased tax income^^

  • -25% birth rate
  • -20% research points
  • +10% production points
  • +20% space combat
  • +10% ground combat
  • lucky - higher chance to profit from good random events - lesser chance to get a bad random event.
  • +50% food generation
  • +25% taxes
  • cannot change religion
  • diplomacy: no alliances possible
Kind of a monument, very expensive to build, takes long building time, unique --> if finished creates immediately a lucky random event. Altenratively, player can choose another race to give them a bad event some kind like the wraith of the gods.

Very good counterspionage, maybe adding some action like catching the enemy spies and torture hm to geht information of his empire (planets and such basic stuff)

to be continued...^^

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Re: Post your races here.

#27 Post by General_Zaber »

Alteika (AL-take-UH)

Introduction: A race from a secluded corner of the galaxy. Driven in all aspects of life by honor. In particular, ritual melee combat between competitors to settle disputes or true combat against those considered unethical and therefore evil.

Homeworld: Amur Krai V, Large Tundra world with moderate gravity.

Motivation: Recent discovery of FTL spaceflight after a golden age of prosperity (but not exactly peace)

Physical Description: Mostly Humanoid but covered with fur ranging in color between fiery orange and earthy brown, feline facial features with the exception of overall cranial shape and very humanlike eyes with irises that faintly glow in the dark. Slight increase over human traits (Stronger muscles & bones, taller, more resistnant to disease etc.)

Typically clothed in modernized medieval clothing (ie simple clothes with possible heraldry)
Technology is also modernized with medieval details (ie power armor for marines would distantly resemble knightly armor)

Social Structure: Feudal Monarchy. Nobility attained through merit, not hereditary.

History: The Alteikans evolved alongside several other species of similar origin in a secluded area of the galaxy. Due to their relative isolation they never made direct contact with the Orions or their allies (Though some of their ancient mythology is believed to include them)

Their history is both scarred with acts of genocide made by those they shared evolution with as well as the glory of persecuting these cousins of theirs to extinction through protracted wars of honor and righteousness.

It has always been their firm belief that an individual should pursue honor above all things (except perhaps civilization) A mindset which has stuck with them since the ancient times of survival against the harsh elements of nature on their homeworld. Mythology from those distant times is filled with heroic acts of sacrifice for the good others (including the cousin races that the Alteikans would eventually destroy later on)

Attributes: The Alteikans are superior warriors who practice a stalking hunter doctrine of warfare this gives them the following traits:
1) +20% Ground Combat (In every aspect)
2) +20% Boarding Actions
3) +20% Capability of Stealth Ships
4) +10% Assassination ability for spies
5) 10% Discount on Ground Forces

Drawbacks: Due to their strict code of honor and pride the Alteikans have the following penalties:
1) 20% decrease in trade income
2) 2x Unrest penalties for alliances/agreements with disliked empires (public opinion)
3) Citizens only like peaceful or meaningful races
4) 1.5x Unrest penalties for oppresive government acts (threatening peaceful empires, increasing taxes during peacetime, using Nuclear/Chemical/Biological weapons, killing off captured populations)
The enemy is retreating! As always, there is no cuteness about them. Dammit

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Re: Post your races here.

#28 Post by freereign »

Whoops, sorry. Well I usually like to customize them anyway.

The Forgotten
Long ago they were banished from Orion as traitors. They were shipped off in what was little more than a huge steel box. There was no way to control it, so silently they drifted through space. With no windows they had no way to tell what was coming.

After years of flight, they crashed into a Gaia world, where they lived in prosperity for ages. But then an Astonomer noticed something. Their star was going to collapse. Others noticed ships of unknown origin floating in the air. A huge fleet appeared from a star lane near the star itself and prepared to attack. Bombs fell and destroyed most of the planet's food supply.
Geneticists modified many to become Lithovores, eating the minerals of their world. After weeks of bombardment, the star collapsed, become a black hole. The enemy ships were drawn into the hole and destroyed. All but one, that is. One fighter crashed onto the Forgotten's home. He was taken prisoner and his ship studied. He offered to show them how it worked and how to design new ones. That one pilot unlocked to them the stars. The war against the (who are the ones from Orion? the Ancients?) Ancients had begun.

They were utterly put down and suffered near total destruction. Now, millenia later, they rise again.
-Have a phobia of light (thus the ever present cloaks)
They prefer systems with dim suns or, even more preferably, black holes, and always work in the night
-Slow production due to constantly sneaking away from jobs
-Spying bonus
-Lithovores (eat rocks! literally!)
-Start with cloaking technology (maybe even to cloak planets?)
-Home world with heavy cloud cover 24/7??
-And of course the ever-present no-one-likes-you setting
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Re: Post your races here.

#29 Post by The Silent One »

This thread is for your own race designs. Races of the MoO series like the Darloks will not be included in freeorion.
If I provided any images, code, scripts or other content here, it's released under GPL 2.0 and CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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Re: Post your races here.

#30 Post by freereign »

The Silent One wrote:This thread is for your own race designs. Races of the MoO series like the Darloks will not be included in freeorion.

Oh sorry, I have modified them based on a story I once wrote. I guess that using MoO races would infringe copyrights, wouldn't it?
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