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Dnalreven [Nal-Re-Ven]

Dnalreven, the lost children. Abandoned by its creator, the Dnalreven has been living in chaos and struggling to find meaning and proper behavior by mimicking other races.

Ancient Dnalreven text have spoke about a highly advance race, Nocias, whom are consumed with the study of evolution and the perfect life-form. After several failed experimental studies including the creation of the Ordistant, the Eaxaw, and many others, Nocias have finally created a highly promisng race named Dnalreven on an artificial planet, neverland.

Dnalreven started with a rudimentary tribal system of hunting and gathering, but quickly evolved to like no other with revolutionary personal and cultural achievements. Elated by their success, Nocias reveal themselves to the Dnalreven. However, to Nocias’ disappointment, the Dnalreven had grown too arrogant and rejected the Nocias, and which a bitter war started which lasted several generations.

After countless deaths, Nocias decided to abandon the project and leave the Dnalreven forever. The millennium war also amounted to numerous deaths to the Dnalreven, but more importantly, the complete destruction of their culture and tradition.

Social Structure
Dnalreven has since tried to restructure themselves after the millennium war, but have all failed. Meanwhile, Dnalreven space probes in deep space have detected another race called the Tjari. The Dnalreven was intrigued by Tjari’s behavior of “decompiling” planets for the obsession with what Tjari called “money.” It appears that “money” united Tjari together, provided meaning, and acts as the vehicle in which Tjari thrived. The Dnalreven, being desperate, begins to copy Tjari’s social structure. Within a mere decade, the Dnalreven also thrived using the Tjari social system and begins copying other aspects of Tjari’s society. Although the Dnalreven were quick to assimilate other characters of the Tjari, the Dnalreven were a bit repulsed by the constant civil wars due to lack of centralization and poor quality of industry.

Around this time, the Dnalreven also detected warships in deep space heading for the neverland Sector. Equally curious, the Dnalreven decided to spy on the Triths, but with no success as they were shot down by powerful beam weapons. The potential threat has tempoary unite the Dnalreven as they fear for their lives. The topic of communal meeting has been development of advanced weapons, but that knowledge was lost during the millennium war. The Dnalreven have no choice, but to send more porbes and learn about the Triths as their future may be counting on it.

Race Attributes
-Begins with extra scout ship and get a free scout ship every 10 turns, but no colony ships.
-Enhanced Neverland homeworld defense.
-Begins with no industry and no mining and no anything until a contact that have these (so they can research the necessary techs to do so).
-Can research other racial abilities that they encounter and any technology that they have researched, but can only a keep a limited list of racial attributes.
-No scientific research other than the method described above.
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