The Overlords

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The Overlords

#1 Post by Ace » Mon Oct 13, 2003 1:06 am

The Overlords


Enslaving countless species, the Overlords have a strict and fiercely competitive hierarchy in which individuals compete for available resources. Every several hundred years the Overlords spill out of the Batorric Reaches, only to be beaten back by the collective might of the other spacefaring races.

Home World

Deep within the nebulous Batorric Reaches is Bator, homeworld of the Overlords. A supermassive gas giant closer to its dying red star, the Bator took to star travel out of necessity as their world is slowly torn apart by the tidal forces of nearby stars as their system plunges into the stellar nurseries of the Reach.

Physical Description

Overlords are frail creatures with all of their internal organs attached to a central mantle. Their brains are comprised of ganglia divided over their bodies, and they inhale trace amounts of oxygen in their atmosphere as well as food through dorsal gills. Blind and deaf, they rely on their sensitive flesh to detect vibrations within an atmosphere. On terrestrial worlds they are within protected cybernetic shells tended to by their servitors.

Social Structure

Each Overlord believes itself to be the perfect example of their species. This unfounded arrogance allowed a cycle of tyranny and slavery within their species for tens of thousands of years until the advent of spaceflight. With countless worlds to plunder and control, their belief of superiority and perfection was turned outwards. Countless worlds have been destroyed and hundreds of races enslaved by the Overlords. Billions of lives have been lost as an Overlord would rather destroy a world they claim as their own as opposed to seeing it liberated. Each and every Overlord is part of the byzantine web of plots to gain power over others that is the center of their existance. Even the Grand Lord must constantly be wary of rebellion.


Each Overlord is asexual and is born pregnant. When coming of age, all of their ten thousand polyps are released. Believing themselves to be the symbol of perfection of the species, all offspring are rituallistically consumed, those who survive are enslaved by their parent. Due to this the Overlord population is small.

Racial Bonuses

Increased chance of Native special on each explored planet (decreases per one found)

Home system in nebula

Lessened penalty from Captured Population Points

Captured Population Points do not Rebel

Poor Diplomacy

Captured Population Points do not assimilate into empire

Increased Rebellion Chance

Feudal Government

Xenophobic Belief system

Low Population Growth

Overall, these guys are hated by everyone, but as soon as they take over a planet, they can pretty much hold onto it. Plus the increased chance of finding natives really helps early on.

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#2 Post by skdiw » Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:46 am

Sounds pretty cool.

Just to let you know, only the moderators can start a new thread with a new race in this story thread. Did you read the story policy and guidelines first?

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#3 Post by Impaler » Thu Nov 13, 2003 2:32 pm

Night Fish dosen't seem to be very active in his moderation of this forum. Their are a lot of races in the submit races thread that have not been reposted by him. I sugjest you repost this race under that thread as this post will be deleted when Night Fish finds it, dont take this to be an indication that he dosen't like your idea, simply this is the protacal we have established.
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