Ancient Ruins Death Ray reference

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Ancient Ruins Death Ray reference

#1 Post by Dilvish »

I just comitted a fix for the Ancient Ruins special, which had been referencing a Death Ray tech as "SHP_DEATH_RAY" (resulting in nothing happening if that Effect was selected by the RNG); I substituted in "SHP_WEAPON_13" -- Death Ray I. If someone thinks it should be Death Ray V or whatnot, now's a good time to speak up.
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Re: Ancient Ruins Death Ray reference

#2 Post by unjashfan »

I think death ray 1 is good enough.

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Re: Ancient Ruins Death Ray reference

#3 Post by eleazar »

Probably my error. I've since learned to use multi-file search/replace even when i can't think of another script file that may reference a name.

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