Geo-Integration Facility at system without Drydock?

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Geo-Integration Facility at system without Drydock?

#1 Post by mem359 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:17 pm

Checking if anyone else is seeing this.
(I'm using a SDK-compiled test build, so maybe it is just me.)

I have a planet that just finished the Basic Shipyard.
I can't build a Geo-Integration Facility, yet (as expected).

But... If I add the Orbital Drydock to the Production Queue, I can immediately start building the G-IF.
I don't have to wait for the Drydock to finish; they are being built in parallel.

Edit: On a slightly different topic, I can't build a Neutronium Forge, unless there is a completed Neutronium Extractor somewhere in the Empire.

Was this change in behavior intended?
I used to be able to build the Forge before the Extractor, but that it wouldn't be functional until an Extractor was finished.

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Re: Geo-Integration Facility at system without Drydock?

#2 Post by MatGB » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:43 pm

Yes to both: you can't use the GeoInt without a drydock and all advanced shipyards were changed to allow them to be built in parallel to speed up new colony usefulness if you're doing something specific.

And for the second, I reduced the build time of the Extractor from 8 to 5 and made the Forge require either an Extractor or a Synthesiser, it makes sense this way and means if you've got, but forgotten, a synthesiser from a Ruin you know because you can immediately build a Forge.
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