Species : Amedi

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Species : Amedi

#1 Post by afwbkbc » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:33 am

Summary: peaceful, quiet herbivores that like to overclock computers.

History: initially existed as semi-sentient tribes, without specific purpose, mostly were just eating and reproducing. Once they were contacted by advanced civilization that left some computational devices to make them happier. Amedi weren't intelligent enough to use them, but being near something that produced electromagnetic waves gave them pleasant sensations. After a while, computers integrated in their way of life by representing position in hierarchy, so individuals that got fastest computers (that produced most EM emissions) were respected and given important roles in society, such as tribe leader or alpha male. There were researches going on on how to increase pleasure from computers further, but they didn't go well due to excessive overheating of hardware when raising processing speed too much. For this reason Amedi are happier on cooler planets - that's where their computers work best.

Biology: small four-handed mammals, not highly intelligent, but four hands make it convenient to tinker with hardware. Mostly blind but can perceive electromagnetic waves, which allows them to sense each other and have pleasure from being near. High-speed computing devices give them much more pleasure due to higher EM emission, changing their way of life forever.

Organic Metabolism
Prefer Terran or Swamp planets

+ 0-300% research (species not really intelligent but their highly overclocked computers may be used for scientific applications, research determined by planet type)
No industry (heavy machinery produce excessive heat which hampers overclocking)
Bad defensive troops -50%
Bad defensive troops -50%
Research determined by planet type:
Tundra : 300% (good cooling helps to overclock, scientific applications run faster)
Ocean : 200% (water can be used for cooling)
Terran : 150% (some water can still be found)
Barren, Desert : 100% (only air cooling possible)
Swamp, Toxic : 50% (thick atmosphere accumulates heat and moisture, conputers have to be slowed down to keep working)
Radiated : 0% (excessive radiation makes computers unstable. They still produce pleasant waves, but scientific applications crash)
Inferno : 0% (computers don't run at all)
Increase of population of Amedi makes planet hotter, changing its type (heat from overclocking accumulates in atmosphere).
Amount of population needed to change type depends on planet size:
Tiny : population of 1
Small : population of 2
Medium : population of 4
Large : population of 7
Huge : population of 12
Planet type change branches:
From Tundra : to Terran, Ocean, Barren or Desert (randomly)
From Ocean or Terran : to Swamp, Toxic, Barren or Desert (randomly)
From Barren, Desert, Swamp, Toxic or Radiated : to Inferno
This can be partly circumvented by multiple Terraformings - it can change planet type back to Terran or Swamp, but not Tundra.
Can produce ships
Can colonize planets
Good Pilots +1 (overclock ship's hardware to improve aiming speed and accuracy)

Planetary Preference:
Tundra : Poor
Ocean : Poor
Terran : Good
Barren : Hostile
Desert : Hostile
Swamp : Good
Toxic : Hostile
Radiated : Hostile
Inferno : Hostile
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Re: Species : Amedi

#2 Post by Voker57 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:48 am

Interesting species, but:

1. The research bonus thing is hard to keep track of without UI modifications. Maybe just change their preference to colder planet types?
2. No industry means species would only be viable as natives. Give them 75%/50% industry?
3. Making planets hotter doesn't really make sense. Larger planets would have more atmosphere and harder to heat than smaller ones with smaller pop. I'd say remove this part.
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Re: Species : Amedi

#3 Post by afwbkbc » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:59 am

1. It's sufficient to add record like this on start of the turn: "Excessive heat accumulation has changed type of <Planet> to Toxic ". Preference alone is simple but boring, they are organic species so they like warmer organic planets, but their computers like colder planets. It's an interesting balance feature.
2. They are meant as natives, otherwise they would be overpowered.
3. Then "every population of 3" can be changed to be different for different planet sizes. I.e. 3 for medium planets, 2 for small, 1 for tiny, 4 for large and 5 for huge. Makes perfect sense and will also add interesting gameplay mechanic. Also these species would be insanely overpowered without this part.

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