Roadmap for next release

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Re: Roadmap for next release

#16 Post by Vezzra »

Jaumito wrote: Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:07 am
xahodo wrote: Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:45 pmAlso, a ship component could be introduced that decreases the defection risk of ships in the fleet.
Exactly what the Soviets used to call, a "political commissar". Using such a component probably should cost a bit of happiness.
Such things I wouldn't implement as ship parts, but as policies or influence projects or something like that.

Anyway, please move this (and similar) discussions into related/dedicated design threads. This thread here is dedicated to the discussion of what should go into the next release, not how these things should work. ;)

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Re: Roadmap for next release

#17 Post by Ophiuchus »

Vezzra wrote: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:35 pm So, judging by the replies so far, I'd propose the following intial list (which, as noted, is of course subject to change):
  • As nobody objected to the basic Influence and colony upkeep mechanics, I'd stick with these as the top item on the list, the primary feature of the next release. Although it will depend very much on if somebody will actually pick that up and start working on it, especially the implementation (as the guy who promoted it most in the past, TheSilentOne, is currently on hiatus, which might throw a wrench in those plans).
  • Combat Target Priorities (I think that's a better name for the "Combat Preferred Targetting" feature) apparently is a popular feature, is already worked on, so yeah. :wink:
  • As support for Python 2.7 is going to end 2020, getting our Python code at least fully Python 3 compatible/compliant in preparation for the full switch is probably something we can't/shouldn't put off any longer, so needs to be done this release cycle.
Vezzra on another thread:
Vezzra wrote: Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:49 pm I hope to get around to open a 0.4.9 release thread before the end of the month. If all involved with dev work could start to wrap up and finalize their projects, that would help tremendously with getting the release out faster than usual. ;)
Targeting is IMHO finished(?). I think there were no changes to AI, so it does not know how to take advantage of targeting. Maybe some UI support missing?

Geoff is actively developing on the Government branch - I can not comment on the state of it. I think you can choose policies for three kinds of policy slots, there is some influence generation, policy changing cost and maybe influence upkeep cost and some policy content. Definitely AI does not know about influence at all. So I doubt this can be release-ready in two months.

There was some work on python, not sure if we are completely python3-ready.

What kind of release this gonna be? Only polished, balanced stuff or rather new features for collecting feedback?

I have following features high on my list:
  • make supply lines and fuel parts more important by differentiating fuel for different hull types (small, medium, large, huge); implementation is done - needs one more pass so AI gets ship design completely right
  • introducing basic facilities for range targeting - with very few content changes (mostly monsters i guess); maybe adding a fourth bout; realistic if it is easy to pass the number of the current combat bout to condition evaluation
  • simple stealth rework as suggested by oberlus ; should be easy and in order to fix visibility we need anyway to touch the code there
  • And I really want to remove invincibility from stealth bombers! So probably make ships unhidden on fighter launch.
There are some issues with combat and blockades which should probably fixed for the release.
Any code or patches in anything posted here is released under the CC and GPL licences in use for the FO project.

Furthermore, I propse... we should default to four combat rounds instead of three ...for the good of playerkind.

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