Fargo´s "Rise of Complexity" ^^

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Fargo´s "Rise of Complexity" ^^

#1 Post by Satyagraha »

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#2 Post by utilae »

Funny. But this belongs in rant and rave or general discussion.

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#3 Post by Daveybaby »

Very good. :D
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#4 Post by drek »

heh, everyone should read this.

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#5 Post by herbert_vaucanson »

Jolly good. I like the population growth model very much.
- Well, what about this: a lot of empty space, colored balls spinning around, the occasional nifty exlosion, and some infestation here and there to give it the "lived in" feel?
- It shouldn't take more than a week... ok, I am in.

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