[Resolved] [Bug]? Fleet upkeep working as intended?

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[Resolved] [Bug]? Fleet upkeep working as intended?

#1 Post by alleryn » Sun Sep 22, 2019 7:42 am

Edit3: Resolved in https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/ ... 4003be94eb /Edit3
Edit: Update: I modified the upkeep.macros file and it's now working as i thought it should, so i'm convinced this is a bug. I will open an issue. /Edit
Edit: Link to issue: https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/issues/2558 /Edit

Versions tested: 587d1c0 (30 July, current multiplayer slow server build) and 549e43d (12 Sept).

Just wondering how fleet upkeep is supposed to work and if it's working properly.

Last times i tested i found far less than 1% per ship (something like 0.04% i think) and no upkeep whatsoever with Part Based Upkeep enabled. Am i doing something wrong/not understanding how it's intended to work? Is anyone else seeing anything similar?

I am judging the .04% by the ship count at the top of the screen (hovering over the icon on the top bar where it says Total Ships), and the PP cost increase by the cost in the production queue screen.

An example is now i have 12 ships (9 armed, but i don't think this should matter).

Cruiser cost is 75.4 instead of 75. I would expect a 12% increase giving a cost of 84. Instead it's a .53% increase or .044 % (.53 / 12) per ship.
Hull is 30.2 up from 30, MD is 20.1 up from 20, Standard Armor plate is 4.02 up from 4.

The upkeep.macros file (https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/ ... eep.macros) suggests the 1% per ship. The 6% increase to colony parts per colony works as expected.

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