Master List of New Native Species

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Master List of New Native Species

#1 Post by labgnome » Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:09 pm

So I know that this is out of form. However I have been thinking about the current state of native species in that game. After many of the native species were converted into playable species this left a lot of variety lacking in that area.

While I would love to give a lot of time and attention to creating individual species, I feel that at this juncture we could use the variety even at the expense of detail. This is a first draft of sorts so feel free to provide feedback, especially on the details of individual species. My allocation of traits is largely random. However I did try to follow some rules, like giving each the three main metabolisms good research, industry and influence. I also divided the habitability wheel into thirds, and gave one third to primarily one of the three main metabolisms. There are also "nest tender" species for the space monsters as an idea, and a couple of species that come along with planetary specials.

  • Oplavian: Telepathic, Good Pilots, Bad Attack Troops, Organic
  • Quelexion: Good Defense Troops, Bad Industry, No Ships, Organic
  • Rygroni: Bad Pilots, Planetbound, Organic
  • Dinustrian: Great Industry, Planetbound, No Ships, Organic
  • Tremerean: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Industry, Great Stealth, Lithic
  • Enthana: Bad Population, Phototrophic
  • Balthroian: Good Industry, No Ships, Organic
  • Delphinae: Telepathic, Great Pilots, Planetbound, Organic
  • Erserach: Great Research, Planetbound, No Ships, Organic
  • Ventalean: Planetbound, No Ships, Great Stealth, No Industry, Lithic
  • Reaphora: Telepathic, Good Detection, Phototrophic
  • Sevorian: Good Research, Planetbound, Organic
  • Ninfluin: Great Influence, Planetbound, No Ships, Organic
  • Myukymyre: No Industry, Good Influence, Lithic
  • Dryandan: Good Defense Troops, No Ships, Phototrophic
  • Gamax: Planetbound, No Ships, Great Industry, Robotic
  • Melexean: Telepathic, Good Attack Troops, Lithic
  • Syrtax: Good Defense Troops, Planetbound, Lithic
  • Throg: Good Influence, No Ships, Lithic
  • Toxarian: No Ships, Planetbound, Good Defense Troops, Great Influence, Lithic
  • Hyponarian: No Ships, Phototrophic
  • Nightsiders: Planetbound, Great Detection, Tidally Locked Special, Organic
  • Birexian: Planetbound, No Ships, Bad Detection, Robotic
  • Zenothoan: Telepathic, Good Industry, No Ships, Lithic
  • Thermelite: Great Pilots, Planetbound, Lithic
  • Magmarian: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Defense Troops, Great Research, Lithic
  • Pauliaxian: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Influence, Phototrophic
  • Pyralian: Planetbound, No Ships, Bad Population, Self-Sustaining
  • Elovian: Good Detection, Good Pilots, Lithic
  • Zyrtaxian: No Influence, Planetbound, Lithic
  • Vredulonian: Good Research, No Ships, Lithic
  • Crigg: Planetbound, No Ships, Telepathic, Good Defense Troops, Great Industry, Lithic
  • Xelemate: Planetbound, Good Pilots, Phototrophic
  • Radarian: Planetbound, No Ships, Great Influence, Self-Sustaining
  • WhizOne: Good Pilots, Robotic
  • Zedulor: Great Fuel, Planetbound, Robotic
  • Optitron: Good Industry, No Research, No Ships, Robotic
  • Selenvore: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Industry, Lithic
  • Phototron: Planetbound, No Ships, Great Industry, Phototrophic
  • Sleeper: Planetbound, Bad Population, Good Industry, Eccentric Orbit Special, Organic
  • P-Robo: Good Fuel, Great Detection, Robotic
  • Omegan: Telepathic, Good Research, No Industry, No Ships, Robotic
  • Praxitron: Planetbound, Robotic
  • Cybrinex: Planetbound, No Ships, No Influence, Robotic
  • *Snowflake Caretakers: Planetbound, No Ships, Snowflake Nest Special, Lithic
  • Licharei: No Ships, Bad Population, Phototrophic
*Maybe spawn at the snowflake nest special like a guardian

  • Organic
  • Alphamax: Good Research, Bad Pilots, Robotic
  • R'vorian: Good Detection, No Influence, No Ships, Robotic
  • Liroxion: Planetbound, Robotic
  • Expronian: Planetbound, No Ships, No Industry, Robotic
  • Mesana: Planetbound, No Ships, Bad Stealth, Bad Population, Great Industry, Lithic
  • Khakturian: Planetbound, Great Attack Troops, Great Defense Troops, Phototrophic
Asteroid Belt:
  • *Juggernaut Tender: Planetbound, No Ships, Juggernaut Nest Special, Organic
  • Astrolith: Good Population, Lithic
  • Celestephyte: No Ships, Telepathic, Phototrophic
  • Quandrian: Planetbound, Great Stealth, Self-Sustaining
*Maybe spawn at the Juggernaut Nest Special like a guardian

Gas Giant:
  • PraethenoveranTelepathic, Bad Population, Gaseous
  • Mantarian: Planetbound, Good Pilots, Gaseous
  • Primaveon: Bad Industry, Bad Research, Bad Influence, No Ships, Gaseous
  • *Kraken Flea: Planetbound, No Ships, Kraken Nest Special, Gaseous
  • Thenian: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Research, Gaseous
  • Undarean: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Industry, Gaseous
  • Oraklean: Planetbound, No Ships, Good Influence, Gaseous
*Maybe spawn at the Kraken Nest special like a guardian

My hope is for this to be a collaborative project to flesh out these species and add as many of them as possible to the game. In that spirit if you want to adopt a species and flesh out a story to go with them please feel free to do so. Also I don't know how balanced all of these guys all are so this
All of my contributions should be considered released under creative commons attribution share-alike license, CC-BY-SA 3.0 for use in, by and with the Free Orion project.

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