Team based fighter combat

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Team based fighter combat

#1 Post by jinlanid » Thu Feb 13, 2020 2:15 pm

If you are from the same hangar, you are the same team.

Interceptor team: 4 interceptors
Fighter team: 3 fighters
Bomber team: 2 bombers

1. We should introduce a combat space concept.
Fighter combat is not the same with ship combat, in ship combat, 100 ship can shot to one single enemy ship, it's OK, it's ranged attack. But in fighter combat, you can't let 100 interceptors to attack a single bomber, there just don't have so much space. If you really do that, you interceptors will just collide, hit in the air. Air combat is melee attack.
So every fighter combat must occupy a combat space. That is, if a team is attacked, it must fight, and lose the chance to attack other team this round.

2. Protecting.
If an attacking team want to attack my bomber team, and I have some other non-bomber team that is not yet fighting, then it should come out to fight to free my bomber team.
Bomber protected by fighter or interceptor, fighter protected by interceptor, non-recursive.
If a fighter team is randomly choosen to protect bomber team, it can not let another interceptor team to protect.

3. Inside that combat space, normal targeting, which is just random targeting.

4. When a team is attacking a ship. It's not fighter combat, so 100 fighter can attack a single ship.

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