4 bout system

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4 bout system

#1 Post by jinlanid » Thu Mar 05, 2020 7:30 pm

Bout 1 - skirmish bout
Only sentinel ship (fuel efficiency >= 200%) can participant. But ships can launch fighters. Representing sentinel force skirmishing.
Bout 2 - air combat bout
Sentinel ship, fighters can participant, with an exception, ships can use flak. Representing air combat. If you have any fighter or bomber in the air in this bout, or you have at least 1 sentinel ship survived to this bout, all enemy stealthy ships are detected.
Bout 3 - main combat bout
All ship can participant, but anti-matter cannon is still not ready to shot.
Bout 4 - decisive bout
All ship can participant, anti-matter cannon can shot now.

If we accept this change, then direct weapon will only shot twice, and anti-matter cannon will only shot once. Maybe need some re-balancing.

Another thing, after we apply "KISS hard targeting", flak should only attack fighter and bomber.

About stealthy:
1 Need to make launch fighters don't broke stealthy.
2 Stealthy passive ship eg: stealthy invading ship can potentially be detected and being dragged into combat.

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