Topics for online voice chat meeting October 31st 2023

Topic threads for our monthly online voice chat meetings
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Topics for online voice chat meeting October 31st 2023

#1 Post by Vezzra »

This is the topics thread for our next online voice chat meeting on Tuesday, October 31st 2023.

Please post suggestions for topics and discuss them here.

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Re: Topics for online voice chat meeting October 31st 2023

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

Discussed the production queue issue in viewtopic.php?p=117703#p117703 and the need for a save or other testing to see if the proposed pull request addresses them. o01eg has saves that he'll post.

Discussed Python parsing. The species parsing is almost ready. o01eg is interested in comparing speed vs. master. Result for me was 1.7 s with master and 670 ms with that pull request. Doing parsing in parallel might be slower since macros are shared in many files, and if doing in parallel would prevent that re-use.

I brought up annexation cost stability that has been brought up recently in posts. This is a design tradeoff between players being able to defend against annexation by eg. switching to protection focus, which would cause their planets' annexation cost to jump suddenly. By on the annexing player's side, this appears as unpredictable annexation costs, which is annoying. Which of these (stable costs vs. being able to defend against annexation short notice) is more valuable?

Asked about slow server multiplayer game 26. o01eg still has some planning to do.

re: last month's issue of non-colonizing species making outposts, I don't see a problem.

Discussed going a v0.5.0.1 bugfix release. Most of the changes are test build / CI related, but some are meaningful and we've probably done a release with less. Vezzra will think about it.

For v0.5.1, I'm wondering what the state of annexation a feature is. Feedback from a multiplayer test game would be helpful.

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