The Kantians

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The Kantians

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Original homeworld: Unknown.
Type of race: Metaphysical Race

The Kantians were at one time a very highly developed human-oid race, very similar to human beings and other such similar primate creatures. It is not known from whence they came; only that wherever their original home was, it became lost to them for unapparent reasons. Their past extends so far back that the most crucial information has become vague and lost, forming mysteries that only sheer speculation and perhaps exploration can begin to re-thread for them.

The truth of the past unbeknownst to them, is that the Kantians were an evolved and adapted Splinter group that broke off of another human-oid race for government and social reasons... when the mother race rediscovered the Kantians, the Kantians refused to rejoin and were inevitably completely wiped out -- or so the mother race thought. The only viable option for the Kantians to continue to survive was to shoot off to distant star system that they could reach, but the other race could not.

Only a very small handful of remaining Kantians reached their new home, and over time their small population became too closely related genetically to continue to interbreed any further. Genetic damage was on the rise, and any continued reproduction would only lead to offspring plagued by disorders and handicaps. Fortunately, their remained a solution to the Kantian's problems of genes: flesh-to-machine transferrence of consciousness.

The Kantians built greatly capable machines, similar to themselves, to house their minds for an untold amount of time. Their technology was such that the Kantians made the jump from flesh to machine, and replication would no longer be a problem for them since their computer technology could very easily copy and duplicate their consciousness for implantation into a mechanical body to create a newly formed individual who was a copy of the first, but would over time become a unique and diverse individual. The technology of the newly mechanized Kantian race was such that they could not only make the jump from biology to machine, but also reproduce viable offspring by "cloning" their consciousness. Now, it was becoming quite apparent that those same mechanized individuals could make a second jump from machine back into biology and once again live in flesh forms cloned from their original ones, and genetically tweaked to last much longer, be more durable, more genetically diverse, and generally more useful. And yet their remained still more advantages to be gained...

The Kantians, realizing that their old mother race would once again rediscovery them among many other species in the galaxy, knew that a useful method of overcoming these races would be to integrate them through Assimilation. The replication of entire minds was not an uncommon practice among the Kantians; Consciousness was such a fluid thing for them that they could easily transfer between flesh, computer, and even the equivalent of a Flash drive (Lol -- Plug-n-Play Aliens!), and therefore they were no longer strictly limited to any one of them. Perhaps by using the same kind of techology, they could also become skilled at slipping into and overtaking the minds of other races -- Hence, becoming those races and assimilating their population. Although the Kantians were a race of non-physical entities, they would need to thrive in some form or fashion to continue surviving, and would need to defend themselves from being wiped out.

Rules about the Kantians:
-- Since their are "active" as well as "inactive" Kantians, population growth is neglagible on any planet where certain computer systems or manufacturing plants exist. New individuals can be whipped up at a moment's notice, but consciousness by itself is "inactive" and does require a body (either biological or synthetic) to become "active" and therefore perform any tasks. Consequently, "inative" Kantians require that either that an organic body by grown for them at a cloning facility (+5 population growth) or that a synthetic, inorganic one be produced for them at a manufacturing plant (+2 population growth).
-- Aside from methods mentioned above, Kantians also reproduce their offspring through more traditional means, like all other races do (+2 population growth)
-- Kantians can either be people or Androids (traditional Android bonuses) on the Colony screen, and more androids can be built ever turn. This is very helpful in colonizing world types where no food can be grown, such as Barren, Radiated, or Toxic.
-- Kantians already enter into the game with all the Android types already researched, since many of them are Androids (Androids require production to be built and maintain), but do not require food (+2 food leftover for the organic Kantians).
-- Organic-formed Kantians do require food.
-- Organic Kantians can be grown enmass at a cloning facility, adding (+5) to the Population growth score to any planet that possesses this structure.
-- Kantians are able to integrate entire populations by blockading systems, just the same as highly telepathic races.
-- Kantians come from a normal-gravity world, and are affected by gravity bonuses/penalties.
-- Since some Kantians choose to reside inside computers (non-android computers) for most of their lives, they do a lot of speculative research and contribute an offset of (+5) to all Kantian research. At least some research is always done, even without any Scientists on a colony.
-- If Kantian ships are destroyed, life is still lost since the Kantian minds are downloaded into the ship and it is often more than one of them. This does not incure any bonuses or penalties upon ship attack or defense.
-- Kantians get a (+10) to spying, since they can occupy any mind or computer that they are able to get into and play the role perfectly without having to hide.
-- Once populations have been assimilated by the Kantians, they can never revert back to the original player that controlled them (i.e. human or computer player).

Some Negative Aspects to the Kantians:

-- The Kantians have extremely poor social relations with other species, since everyone is suspicious-minded and paranoid of them, giving them remarkably negative penalties in deal making and bargaining.
-- They will make very few allies, and everybody will want to wipe them out so War will be frequent for them.
-- They are great at spy rolls within other empires, but are not as skilled at defending spy rolls.
-- They are excellent at ground combat, since troop are created easily and efficiently, en mass.
-- They come from a Poor homeworld, considering that they have already used up a great many minerals in the production of android bodies for themselves.

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