The Loran

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The Loran

Empric Aristocracy

Backstory: The Loran Empire was formed in the year 1041 (Loranian calander) and then obsorbed in another more primitive race (Rekkan) as a labor class, leaving Lorans to pursuit of Technology. This led to a large Class Seperation. However, over the past millennia, due to "dirty" cross breeding, the Rekkan and Loran have become one race, the labor class, however has been completely replaced with mechanized factories, only requiring a few Loran to watch over the machinery. This has had one negitive effect however, the Loran, consider themselves better then anyone or anything else in the universe, the Loran High society (even snobbier then the normal Loran) consists of an extended royal family (current Empric estimates place it at around 1.3 billion members) and other elected nobles. The upper class as such, lives a live that makes the life of many other leaders look poor and drab. Only after requiring more materials to build even grander palaces did the venture to the stars, for after all, its the kings universe, and these races just happen to live within it ;)

Political System
Only Biological relitives of the Lora (king) may be members of government, however, since there are over 1.3 billion Lorans elegable, there are many levels of government

High Royals (4)
|......Lora (king)--------------Lori (queen)
|......Lura (Prince)------------Luri (Princess)
Lesser Royals (196)
|......Rit (Lord)----------------Rita (Lady)
|......Maar(Lesser Lord)------Maari (Lesser Lady)
Senate Members (1000)
Government Officals (998,800)
Government Workers (8,000,000)
Soldiers (1,289,000,000)

The Lora and Lori give birth to the Lura and Luri, at which point, the eldest of each are selected to inherit the throne. The Rit and Rita are the Lura and Luri which do not get selected for inheritence. The Maar and Mari are selected by the Lora and Lori as aids. The Counsel members are elected and preside over a senate which does most of the legislative work. The government officals are usually selected from Counsel members after their term is up. Government workers are soldiers to old or wounded to still remain at their posts. Soldiers make up over 98% of the 1.3 billion.

High manufacture rate
High Tech research rate
High tech implamentation rate
Plus to Terraform (gardens must look just perfect)
Plus to military (large standing army)

Huge hit to economics (They go through money like water)
Huge hit to trade (snobs will be snobs)
Mining causes pollution (they strip mining planets dry)
Minus to relations (snob factor)
Plus to HFOG (Legislative nightmare with large government)
Poor planets are considered poorer, Race (AI perhaps) very stingy about planets worth colonizing
plus to unrest, only royal family (1.3 billion) can vote out of total population.

Working on some art for these guys. will post it when i get it the way I want.
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There is a lot of detail in your description which doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to how the race is played. For instance: I'm sure you have a reason for including the Rekkan, but as your description is now they seem to have no effect on your race. If they are just background maybe you could put them in a separate section entitled History or Backstory?

This race is an offshoot of humans? How did they lose contact with the rest of the humans?

The numbers you give.. are they initial numbers for the home planet? When this race expands across the galaxy how would these numbers still be valid?
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Rather then being humanoid how about a completly Alien biology, I just so happened to be doing some brainstorming on a creature form unconnected to any social model. Perhaps this could get merged with your outline to create a more unique race.


The Loran stand 1.2 meters high and resemble a bulbus upside down tear drop with 2 legs. They have no eyes but insted percive their world through echo location and have many small ears holes on the domed top of the body. Their legs are long, vertical and atatch near the top of the body, they can run quite fast as their legs are nearly as long as their body is tall. Their legs have only 1 joint in them and its a knee half way down. Just below the knee begins a long Horse like Hoof that grows wider at its base (they resemble bell bottom pants). At the point of the downwardly pointed tear drop body is their mouth which is surounded by a beak of 4 long blades. They Eat, Breath, Smell, Excreate and Mate through this orifice (for now lets just asume its sexual reproduction as I havent come up with anything fanyier). Around the Beak are 4 slits from which emerge their tenticles (the tenticles can withdraw completly inside the body). Each tenticle is 1 meter long and ends in a split end that can be used for grasping small objects. Their skin is covered in semi-bony plate armor like that of a Crocodile, the plates on the domed top of their body are larger and thicker then the ones at bottom or on the legs.
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