The Enishe

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The Enishe

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The Enishe (sons of the stars)

Introduction -
Born from the firery depths of the stars come the Enishe. They are a being of pure energy, balls plasma held within an electromagentic domain. Individuality is impossible, as soon as a seperate enitiy is formed, collision with another fuses the two together. Thus the Enishe act as one, their collective existence acts as a parallel mind locally connected by electromagnetic radiation and across the galaxy by its symbiotic relationship with its host star.
The Enishe consider stars to be their mother, and feel great pain that their very existance is causing their birth vessel to die. Since the coming of the first Enishe, continual random births of new Enishe from the star has caused it to become unstable. While the Enishe had labouriously mastered a way to control these births, it was too late to stop the star from going nova and death for the race was enevitable. Attempts to leave the solar system was thwarted by the rapid dissipation of their form, the coldness of space was no hospitable habitat for the Enishe.
It was almost an act of god, when on the day of the Orions mysterious disappearnce from the universe, sent pieces of alien technology hurtalling into their star. While the flames vapourised most of the debris, some survived, facinatingly unable to be touched by the firey wrath of the star's surface. Indeed, they floated and was repelled by their forms. The Enishe were facinated for the first time, and through their limited control of the star, pieced the field surrounding the machine and discovered its nature. They had discovered the shield generator.
Just as energy is mass, and mass is energy, the Enishe were able to take the form of this generator, enclose their form within its protective bubble. Time was desperate, and with their collective power over the star, they pinched off a tiny colony of newborns with the last of the stars viable plasma, and sent it hurtling to the nearest star. The further the Enishe travelled from their star, the weaker they became. The strength of their form began to weaken even with the protective influence of the generator. But upon entering the alien system, the solar radiation from their new mother rejuvinated them. They grew strong.
Curious entitys of metal and flesh were apparent on the rocky planets encircling the star, but they were of no interest to the last of the Enishe. They had a new home. The however aliens did not think kindly of these strange stars in the sky. They sent scounts to pry information, but these were instantly destroyed by the heat emminating from the Enishe.
Content on their new star, the Enishe sought to create a perfectly sustainablity with the star. They reduced its solar output to prolong its inevitable explosion as a nova. They cared not for other beings, but this was soon to be brought crashing down on them. The aliens were distressed by the rapid diteriation of their home planet, their sun appeared to be dying, their planet was growing cold, their civilisation apparently doomed. They linked this phenomenon on the apparent infestation of their star from mysterious beings from the sky - and set out to remove the menice from their world.
The alien bombardment was puzzling to the Enishe. The energy weapons of these organic creatures were purposeless against the energy creatures. But they were not worried, as no harm was done. However, as suddenly as the attack, the aliens changed to something else - they used tiny metal objects which exploded into massive electromagnetic force that instantly killed any Enishe within its blast.
Their numbers dwindled quickly, while the generator forms of themselves offered some protection, they could not stand the onslaught for long. In a collective cry, the Enishe let out an uncontrolled scream of anguish and terror at their demise. The star went ablaze like a mother protecting her dying children, and sent a stunning solar flare into the home world of the aliens. And they were no more..
The Enishe became xenophobic, obsessed with alien species. They collected what they could from the debris and analysed the structures. For the Enishe had little ingenuity, they could still learn from the technology of others. How they managed to control the star with such fury was unknown, but were determined to master control over their homestar. They no longer trusted any specied, and percieved them as threats, and so set out to eliminate them all from the universe.

General Information:
The Enishe's only form of communication is through electromagnetic radiation, they can demand surrender and be involed in treaties such as non-aggression packs, but not in trade nor research agreements.
They have little research, only in the areas of field technology and mastery over their sun (a bit like ecology). The major impact of their physiology, is the further they are from a sun results in a reduction in attack power, defence, and combat speed.
Field technology is directly tied in with these three areas. As with a stronger field, the more energy they are able to package in their vesicles and maintain it through their travels in space. Mastery over the sun will enable to increase maximum population without risk of nova, rate of growth, control of solar flares (for planet defence).
The type of sun is directly proportional to the level of productivity. There are still standard population for each industry like other races, although none in farming, and the rate of Enishe growth should be high.

Research - slow, only in select areas. Able to steal certain tech from enemies (field especially), and have massive bonuses to energy weapons and shielding. Very vunerable to physical weaponary, missiles, blackhole generators etc . Instead of fuel cell tech, they will use the star control tech to determine how far they can 'fling' outposts. Also by judging the effect of gravity on their homestar, the Enishe can detect enemy ships.
Manufaturing - very fast, but it required a single Enishe population to go with any ships created. There will be buildings, and they too required Enishe populations to be consumed when creating. They'll be things like 'solar flare controller' instead of ground batteries, and the like.
Ships - The ships of Enishe look like normal ships, but with a firey halo (hey, easier to program!). The Enish thought it would look more fearsome against aliens, rather than the shiny spheres of their original ancestors. These ships have no hull, and quickly die as soon as the shield fails. Have very strong shields (big bonus) and energy weapons. Cannot be captured. If attacking a planet, the attack/defence bonuses will depend on the distance this planet is from the sun. They are unable to invade, in fact, unable to destroy planets until a star is colonised and/or appropriate tech is researched. Atmospheres quickly dissipate Enishe forms, especially if their shields are breeched.

BAH - i fix it up later lol
Nice work guys!

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#2 Post by Krikkitone » Thu Apr 08, 2004 3:58 am

Well currently I think races in stars are out... But with some modification/extension of the story

...They expanded to a medium sized interstellar empire before they were attacked, and couldn't control their parent stars..
while the planet dwellers only eliminated some of their colonies the rest of the Enishe realized that they would eventually be eliminated if they didn't build ships that could fight the planet dwellers..
so they began to find ways to exploit the planets of systems they had colonized but others had not....
Eventually they became able to build a planetary industrial base to produce the ships that would defend their 'birthing stars'...
Slowly but surely the entire race developed the ability to survive at great distances from their stars (such as on the surface of nearby planets) drawing on its power remotely to expand their 'numbers'...
The migration to planets was eventaully completed, although a few Luddites reject the planetary life, most Enishe like the 'material comforts'

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Just dropped in to fix the title. Tootles..
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