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FreeOrion audio comprises background music, interface sounds and, in future, combat sounds.

  • When submitting audio for use in FreeOrion, it would be best if the message explicitly noted that the contributions are relesed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. It is not necessary to specifically mention FreeOrion in such a notice, and indeed doing so makes no difference, since anything released under a compatible license can be used by FreeOrion, and anything used by FreeOrion must be released under a compatible license.
  • Music used in the game will be in Ogg/Vorbis format.
  • Currently, there is only one file missing - item_drop.wav(See this bug). Until elements like game races, combat mechanics, and user-interface design are pinned down, people are pretty much free to create and submit whatever they like (or think might be useful).
  • Any format, such as .mp3, is fine for review, commentary and criticism prior to actual use in the game. In addition, MIDI source files are not required but are very welcome, and may often be requested in cases where a person would like to work on the material himself, or try his hand at producing it.
  • Please visit the Audio Forum to see what material has already been submitted and by whom, post your thoughts, and make your own submissions.
  • There is currently no official storage space available for submitted audio material. Smaller files can be attached to forum posts, but for very large files you will need to find your own means of dissemination such as a free web hosting service, or ask someone else to host your files for you.