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Translations Available

Reference: English

Czech | Danish | Dutch | Finnish | French | German | Italian | Polish | Russian | Spanish | Swedish

Translation Method

FreeOrion includes support for multiple languages. As we approach 1.0, translations will become an important part of the project. During the earlier stages it is not so critical, as much of the game content will change.

Anyone interested in adding support for another language can do so with these steps:

  1. In default/stringtables copy the existing en.txt and rename it to represent the language you are translating into. For example: de.txt, es.txt, etc. Use ISO-639-1 to name your string table properly.
  2. Edit this file, and create the translated entries. All translations must be encoded in UTF-8 encoding. ISO-8859-1 (sometimes called "Latin-1"), Windows-1252, and related encodings will not work.
  3. Select your new stringtable file in the Options menu

That's it!

After making a new translation, please create a new thread in the FreeOrion Translations forum your translated string table so it can be incorporated into future FreeOrion releases for others to use, critique and improve.

Posting a string table to the FreeOrion Forum indicates that you release the changes under Creative Commons Attribution - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.

When translating, ideally start with the latest version on SVN of en.txt. The version on SVN is updated by programmers to reflect any changes in code or new strings added, so using that en.txt ensures you're translating the most up-to-date set of strings.

Some languages already have partial translations available. These should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are up-to-date with any changes to the en.txt on Git. If you update an existing translation, please post it on the FreeOrion Translations forum.