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This page for the listing and defining, and especially refining of non-paired alignment scales. "Non-paired " means that none of the scales are opposite of any other, as "bloodthirsty" and "pacifistic" are inherent opposites.

I do not expect all these to be used. They may be combined and deleted as thought (and ideally testing) indicate which are the best. Six to eight of them feels like about the right amount to include. Ideally they shouldn't overlap too much, i.e. it should be strategically valid to pursue any combination of these, while not pursuing any others. At this point in development when can only kind of guess at this.

These also should measure how much an empire is pursuing a particular means to success, not how successful the empire is -- though there is inevitably some overlap. For instance the most Diplomatic empire might not be the one with the most advantageous treaties. The most Expansionistic empire could very likely have spread himself too thin.

Short List

These are the ones i've provisionally identified as the best.

  • Explorative -- having explored most of the systems, extra credit for exploring a system first
  • Expansionistic -- inhabiting the most systems, extra credit for sole possession of a system.
  • Diplomatic -- having the most and longest lasting treaties. Major treaties like alliances count for more.
  • Diverse -- having the most species, especially free species
  • Experimental -- having personally researched the most techs. extra credit for discovering a tech first
  • Militaristic -- having the most powerful and/or numerous offensive military
  • Defensive -- having the best defended planets.

Other Ideas

  • Economic -- producing and having the most trade resource
    • (alternatively) Commercial -- trading the most stuff with other empires
  • Epicurean -- having the most food produced per citizen
  • Populous -- having the most citizens
  • Constructive -- having the highest average infrastructure, and the most wonders
  • Productive -- churning out the most stuff from industry (overlaps some and thus would only be valid as a replacement)