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===0.3=== [[V.3_Requirements|Specifications]]
===0.3=== [[V.3_Requirements|Specifications]]
'''Currently being coded'''
*Buildings model  
*Buildings model  
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'''Currently being coded'''
'''Currently being designed'''
'''Currently being designed'''

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  • Basic galaxy map
  • Splash screen / save game / load game
  • Basic planet screen
  • Automated combat resolution
  • Fleet movement and capturing of planets & star systems

===0.2=== Specifications


  • Galaxy generation routines (passed - drekmonger)
  • Basic economy model / planet classification (passed - Aquitaine) (includes precise numbers for mineral & nutrient production)
  • Population growth model & population cap (to be passed)
  • Incorporation of nutrients and minerals and some manner in which minerals will feed industry
  • Starlanes
  • Stockpiles (if we'll have them)
  • Environmental preferences (although as there are no races, everyone will have the same preferences for several versions)
  • Basic Planet Specials (model for how specials will work; perhaps specials that affect resources)

===0.3=== Specifications


  • Buildings model
  • Secret Projects (add projects as we add more features)
  • Tech tree beginning: the current plan is to establish all of the empire-level tech stuff before we do any tactical-level stuff (so we'll have the tech tree for everything up to this point completed before we start in on anything else).

This plan may be a little more 'boring' than tackling combat and governments and all that at once, but I'm convinced that we need to do the tech tree in a gradual, deliberate manner.


Currently being coded Currently being designed

  • Space combat model
  • Ship design model
  • Tech tree for both of the above

Ground combat is under discussion -- some people want to do ground combat alongside space combat. Personally, I'd rather do ground combat later, not because I want to give it less attention, but because I don't want to split our programming team up at this point -- v0.4 will be the next make-or-break point after v0.1 for FreeOrion, and I don't want to overwhelm the programmers or the artists or the FX and music folks. So consider this official word that I've recognized how important ground combat is to everyone and that I want to make sure it gets its due, and that my current means of accomplishing that is to do it after space combat.


  • Diplomacy model (large debate regarding how much -- if any -- of an EU2-esque diplo model we want)
  • Tech tree update - Diplomacy
  • Server remotely manageable and master server

Considerable AI work around the Diplomacy model, so let's not load anything else on the programming team for v0.5


  • Ground combat (::cheers::)
  • Tech tree update - Ground combat


  • Espionage
  • Space Monsters
  • Random Events
  • Tech tree update - Espionage


  • Governments (we've already settled on an SMAC-style government model, but we'll hold off on actually finalizing governments until v0.8)
  • Leaders
  • Races & Race picks
  • Tech tree update - governments, race-specific picks


  • Game balancing, extensive playtesting. this will be an alpha release geared towards playability.
  • Translation of game content into officially supported languages. Which languages these are will depend on who volunteers to translate.

1.0 - Final Release

  • Polish. Editing everything for grammar and spelling (content) and readability (code). Final graphic, FX, and music work. Ideally, there should be no new features in v1.0. If there are, v1.0a will be released and thoroughly tested before we announce the v1.0 release.

The roadmap after v1.0 will involve champagne.